About us

From Research directly to Industry, Lore Star is supporting enterprises and organizations into making sense of their collected information and in helping them share it to the masses by using on-the-edge solutions and technologies.


Whether for the purpose of merely sharing their knowledge assets to the world or of better organizing it for efficient internal reuse, we help our customers gaining progressive awareness of their information, understanding its points of strength and identifying its flaws and learning how to evolve, maintain and make good use of its inherent power.


Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web (and of the Semantic Web), once said: "we do not need some magical artificial intelligence that will allow machines to comprehend human mumblings. […] Instead of asking machines to understand people's language, it involves asking people to make the extra effort". Nowadays, modern Generative AI and Large Language Models did that extra effort and made machines become closer to our human desk mate and, as our desk mate, made them able to suggest wrong things or provide fake information :-)

As much as humans rely on libraries and reliable sources of information for evolving their knowledge and for taking their decisions, machines - no matter how evolved they are - need to do the same, by properly representing, accessing and sharing knowledge, yet with the possibility to do that on a scale that is unthinkable for humans. Our vision is that of a world where humans and machines cooperate in a large, interconnected world, to fulfill greater purposes.