Our Services

Design and Development

Whether it is for the design of software or data architectures, we are ready to listen to our customers and realize what they need

Service hosting

A whole ecosystem of systems for development, maintenance and publication of Linked Open Data and Semantic Resources is available and can be setup, configured and managed by us in the premises of our customers or even hosted by us


We closely follow and support our customers on several aspects related to knowledge management, carrying out technology transfer on semantic technologies and data modeling and design

Design and development of integrated semantic solutions

Whether our customers need support and consultancy on how to improve their already existing semantic ecosystem or they need to develop a new one, we can assist with our experience and know-how on software, data and knowledge engineering

Support on management, publication and hosting of linked open datasets

Lore Star is already supporting large organizations with hundreds of semamtic resources and millions of hits on their semantic services in developing, maintaining and properly publishing their linked open datasets. If you have these needs, whether on a small or large scale, we have solutions that can be customized for your needs

Knowledge Elicitation

While we aim for helping our customers in managing their information, organizing it and giving it meaning, we have to take into account the large amount of information that travels through traditional channels and on traditional media, such as text and other forms of multimedia. Elicitating knowledge out of these continuous stream of information is part of our mission

Ontology Design

Rem tene, verba sequentur...and data as well. Before organizing our data, we need to have a clear understanding of our domain of interest and a clear representation of it according to semantic standards. We help our customers reusing existing ontologies to maximize knowledge sharing and reuse, combining them into coordinated solutions, and developing their own ones for specifically tailoring knowledge models to their representation needs

Data Integration

Vis unita fortior! in the era of globalization and opennes, reusing existing information is not only saving avoidable effort, but is making your own information more relevant and trustworthy. Learning how to stand on the shoulders of giants is a mandatory step for making real progress and realize things that matter